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Perks for any way you travel – turn Miles into cash or get a statement credit for travel purchases.1

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Earn Miles on every purchase, at 区块链货币是什么_区块数字货home or away

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Discover Miles build up quickly and give the same value for a travel credit or cash.1 Imagine the possibilities.

How the Discover travel credit card works

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Credit Cards

Discover it® Miles is a travel credit card but is also great for everyday purchases. It's accepted at 99% of places that take credit cards nationwide, according to the Feb. 2021 issue of the Nilson Report. Use Discover it® Miles like travel credit cards: purchase airfare, hotel stays and car rentals. But you can just as easily use it for groceries, gas and paying bills.

The Discover it® Miles travel credit card APR you qualify for may be different depending on your credit history and other factors. You can see if you’re pre-approved for a personalized offer now or apply for the travel credit card offer on this website. If you're comparing the interest rate on other travel credit cards, be sure to check if the card issuer charges an annual fee. Discover it® Miles has no annual fee.

You can turn Miles into cash in any amount, any time.1 And when you think of the best travel credit card, you probably want no blackout dates. That’s why Discover lets you redeem Miles as a statement credit for a travel purchase. Eligible purchases include airfare, hotels, rideshares, gas stations, restaurants and more.1 You can even use Miles immediately when you check out at Amazon.com4 or when you pay with PayPal.5 However you redeem, Miles keep the same value. And Miles never expire.1 Other travel credit cards will have different ways to redeem.


The number of credit card miles it takes to redeem for a flight depends on the flight’s price and the travel rewards card. With Discover, you automatically earn Miles on every purchase. And with a travel purchase like airfare, you can use Discover it® Miles to reimburse the cost of travel purchases as a statement credit, with no blackout dates.1

The Discover it® Miles credit card is accepted at 99% of places that take credit cards nationwide, according to the Feb. 2021 issue of the Nilson Report.

With Discover, you can turn Miles into cash in any amount, any time.1 And you can also redeem Miles as a statement credit for travel purchases, which include road trip favorites like hotels, rideshares, gas stations, car rentals and more.1

With the Discover it® Miles credit card, you’ll earn unlimited 1.5x Miles on every purchase you make, every day. That includes credit card travel purchases like airfare and hotels as well as daily purchases like groceries, bills or gas. 

Yes. If don’t use all your credit card Miles when you redeem, you’ll simply add more Miles to your total with every purchase. Your Miles never expire.1

Discover it® Miles gives you so many perks. You'll earn 1.5X Miles on every purchase, so it’s easy to rack up rewards fast to reach travel goals. You can redeem Miles as a statement credit for travel purchases1, or for cash in any amount, any time. Card membership includes more perks, like great service and security benefits with no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee.


If you're looking at other travel credit cards, see if the card issuer charges a large annual fee or a foreign transaction fee. Perks like lounge access, elite status, a loyalty program, a platinum card or a gold card may not be worth the annual fee. It's hard to know what your credit limit will be before you apply for travel credit cards, but you can check how the reward points work for the card issuer. For example, if there is a bonus point on eligible purchases such as 5x points or 2x points, check what the reward is on everyday purchases. "5x points," "2x points" or "Earn 2x" can sound good unless your typical spending doesn't fit the eligible purchases for that card issuer or their annual fee is too high. Finally see if new card membership comes with security features and service benefits or other helpful perks like the opportunity to do a balance transfer. 

With Discover it® Miles, you’ll earn 1.5X Miles for every dollar you spend on a travel purchase or any other purchase, with no limits on how much you can earn, and no annual fee Miles never expire.1 After you earn Miles, you can redeem for a statement credit toward the cost of travel purchases or to get cash rewards.1 Other travel credit cards, such as an airline credit card, will offer different rewards points and your card membership may include an annual fee or blackout dates.

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